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Eliminate Crisis:Accelerate Growth

We remove the source of crisis so you can be confident that your business can handle big opportunities. 

About Us

We PracticeWhat We Preach

Disentangled Tech is a small business, just like yours. We use the same tools, processes, and frameworks to run our business that we recommend to our clients.

Process Optimization


Project Management

What we Offer

Calm. Confidence.Freedom.

We’re assuming you didn’t go into business because you like being stressed out or answering panicked phone calls when you’re supposed to be relaxing with your family.

When your business runs like clockwork, you’ll actually enjoy running your business.

Trust the Process

80% (or more!) of the work in your business is repeatable. 

We identify and automate the busy work, giving you and your team the freedom to be brilliant.


We don’t come in, tell you what’s wrong with your business and leave you to figure out how to fix it.

Instead, we work beside you to implement solutions that combine technology, process improvements, and training.

Manage the Details

Great project management makes your business more efficient, more profitable, and a lot less stressful to run.

We give small businesses the benefits of a Project Management Office at a fraction of the cost.

Ongoing Support

Whether you need us for a single project, or want us to become your PMO, we’re here for you every step of the way.


Years of Experience

Our History

We Live and Breathe Process and Projects

Our Founder, Tricia began optimizing processes and organizing projects during her 3rd grade math class. (In her defense, she was bored and had a big trip to plan!)

She has leveraged her 20+ year career in technology and entrepreneurship to build Disentangled Tech. 

Through it all, she’s learned to have a sense of humor. After all, owning a business should be joyful. If it’s not…might as well go get a corporate job.

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