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Digital Presence Platform

Give yourself a head start


Build Your Digital Presence on a Strong Foundation

You Don’t Have to Do Everything Yourself.

There’s a middle ground between being totally reliant on an expert and learning how to build everything from scratch.

As creatives, we tend to frequent the extremes – we love to make stuff, so we want to dig in and know how it all works…until we realize that it’s been a month and we still haven’t gotten the website up which means we haven’t made any sales. Or our brains are so overloaded with information that the mere thought of learning one more thing makes us want to curl up in a little ball.

Supported Foundations 

Instead, you can join the Digital Presence Platform. You’ll recieve the exact system I build for my own projects:

  • A fully configured WordPress website
  • The theme of your choice pre-loaded and configured PLUS access to my library of over 250 premium themes
  • All the plugins you need pre-loaded and configured
  • Email marketing built in
  • Book calls and workshops
  • Content management
  • Online store
  • Payment systems like Paypal or Stripe
  • Custom domain name (, web hosting, and site security built in
  • Custom email (
  • 3 hours of 1:1 training
  • Regular updates and maintenance

It’s a LOT!

The great news is, you don’t have to worry about getting all these pieces to fit together.   Your Digital Presence Platform just works so you can move forward with your amazing business.

What if…

by this time next week, you could share your new website with potential clients?

you felt confident enough to put up a new offering page on your website?

all this technology just worked?

All the Tech

All the tech you need for a basic Digital Presence with one point of contact and one bill.

In YOUR Language

Learn to use the platform from someone who speaks YOUR language.

FREE Trial Membership in Tech Circle

Because sometimes the best ideas get stuck behind the technology. I’m not going to sit back and let tech stop you!

Are you ready to take the first step?

All the Practical Details:

Investment: The Digital Presence Platform starts at $45/month, with an annual payment plan available.

Committment: I ask that you commit to yourself and your Digital Presence for a minimum of one year.

How Does it Work? Click the button below to apply to the Platform and book your Welcome Call. Once we recieve your application we will begin to set you up on the Platform. You will have two 1:1 calls during the onboarding process: the first is a Welcome call to help me understand exactly what you want to achieve and to familiarize you with the Platform. On the second call I’ll give you a guided tour of your new Digital Presence and show you where to find everything. At that point we will also schedule your 3-hour training session.

Want to Talk it Over?

I’m always happy to chat. Grab a time on my schedule:

Inspiring words from other playfully creative entrepreneurs: 

Thank you so so so so much! So grateful for you.


Tricia's kind and creative approach to making dreams come true was a perfect fit and a pleasure during a time that could have been really scary and I am so glad we didn't give up when many others would have.

What I've loved about working with Tricia is that she knows when to push me and when to help me work around or through the challenges that are specific to my life as a mother and wife as well as business woman. She has never made me feel that I was being a coward by taking a slow but steady approach to moving away from a corporate career-- she understood that I needed to consider my responsibilities to my family as well as to myself. On the other hand, she doesn't let me use my family responsibilities as an excuse to avoid actively pursuing my goal of entrepreneurship.

Also did I mention that she's my number one advocate to make sure I don't undervalue myself or my services? Maybe the most important thing is that I know she understands first hand the energy that goes into juggling all the roles (motherhood, being a spouse, and an entrepreneur) so she gives me real world, useful solutions, not just things she read in a book or in a course somewhere else, which means I can trust her and feel safe following her suggestions.